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Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm EST
agreement calls for jackson to 3 of dollars. -3 jackson and his wife allegedly & used the money on luxury items. he faces probatiin or a maaimum of p3 3 a georgia teacher is suspendedd game with students ssmulating the sandy hook shhoting. the & teacher is a middle school band director whoowwssfiiling in for a p-e teacher. he wanted to teach the kids about the sandd hook shooting and - pecided to plly a ersion of hiieeanddseek where he pretended to shoot the studenns o tag them. the teacher will have to go througg mandaaory training and the kids havv been offered counseling. 3 federal health officiall say the flu is &pfinally easing in he u-s. 3 the c-d-c reports & influenzz activity decreased pn many areas of the country last week. 21 states pre reeorting moderate toohigh & activity. 13 reported low activity .... and 16 reporttng minimal. the lu continuee to hit olderrpeople hard with mre involving adults over 65. - 64 children have died ffom the viruss
Feb 11, 2013 10:00pm EST
>not a days---many people simmly can't afffrd to top off. (sot---tonya jjckssn)) jackson)) 3 ttree>tonya jackson has owned her truck for the past two years.every friiay filling her tank.but siice thankkgiiing shees had to &pbbeak that patteen---only able to put in 20 buckss--every few days.and when she oesn't have the money----he stayy home. - p(sot- tonya)) 3froo lasstweee to ttis cents.this same time last month---drivers paid 8 cents less t the pump. ((sot- yolanda blackwell)) blackwell)) 33 yolanda blackwell -3 is an ndependent contractor with a ttxi cab company.she's resppnssile for filling her -& cabbs tank.monday alllshe can afford was15 dollars.that will last hee half tte day.((sott -3 taxi cab river)) & driver))coom aprii ggs prices could reach a &pwhopping 4 dollarr a gallon. it's nees many peoppeesay & they're not ready to hear. &p((sot- tonya)) in nooth baltimore, & mberrmiller, fox 45 news t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2